A Widow’s New Beginning

Ana’s life began to crumble after her husband’s death. While she was coping with his loss, she was also struggling to support her children and extended family. Her daughter was unable to finish college, and dropped out when she became pregnant. Ana had no choice but to step in and share the burden of raising the new family as her daughter also struggled to make ends meet. Very often, the family would only eat steamed banana and boiled root crops.

When Ana learned to cook and sell snacks in Transform, she became confident and hopeful. By starting this small business she now earns up to US$12 (PHP600) a week selling rice cakes and banana chips. With her income, she can help provide food and school money for her grandchildren. Her initial success motivated her to grow her business. She has started to save, and plans to buy a steamer to make more snacks to sell.

“I can do something to provide for my family!”

The Health lessons also enabled Ana to care for her family better, as she passes on what she learns to the next generations. Now, she can prevent diseases and illnesses without spending a lot. “Handwashing before meals is important” she said. She knows that cleanliness at home is very important and has plans to build a toilet, to help keep her home and surroundings clean.

Transform began Ana’s path to hope. As she looks back to how she was before, she’s grateful for the changes in her life. She has always wanted to help her family, but before Transform, she felt she had nothing to offer. Her income from the small business means provision for her family.


“I am so blessed to be a part of the Transform program.”

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