Joshua’s Surprise on the Internet

Being a medical student, Joshua E preferred funding medical treatment. Looking at the site, a name and photo caught his eye – 11-year-old Josh B from the Philippines. Josh B was born with an imperforated anus, and needed colostomy closure surgery. Josh B needed an emergency colostomy operation at South Cotabato Provincial Hospital when he was a newborn, however due to lack of finances, his family was not able to continue on with treatment that would eventually allow him to live his life without a colostomy bag. When Josh B’s situation was brought to ICM’s attention, his case was added to the Watsi website.

“I left Josh the personal message to let him know that even though things can be tough, that people care about him,” shared Joshua E.


Josh B was encouraged by Joshua E’s message – and while waiting for the surgery continued his studies, despite the challenges that his condition presented. Thanks to Joshua’s E’s donation and other crowdfunding donors, Josh B’s surgery happened late this summer.


ICM’s medical officer recently visited Josh B in his home. Josh B’s mother was very emotional, and wanted to send her thanks to Joshua E. She was not immediately able to express herself, but eventually with tears flowing, she managed, “We are very thankful to God that we find assistance through ICM. Especially to Josh’s sponsor for his operation, thank you is not enough for his generous heart”.




Josh B is healing well, attending follow up appointments, and looking forward to playing soccer once his parents and doctor give him approval. He will always be grateful to Joshua E, his friend across the sea.



By Lito Tadulan, ICM’s Communications Officer, Koronadal

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