Hope Shines Through at ICM’s 12th Annual Banquet

ICM’s Chair of the Board, David Sutherland, is pleased to share the results of Hong Kong’s ICM Banquet, held October 24 at the Hong Kong Conventions and Exhibition Centre.


Dear Friends;


What an exciting evening! At ICM’s 12th Annual Banquet Monday night we saw Hope Shining Through everywhere we looked!

We are thrilled and thankful to report that the evening raised a grand total of HK$14.7 million (US$1.9m) including HK$3.9m (US$500k) of matching funds. This represents 19% of ICM’s annual budget of HK$76m. Thank you!

This was our second highest banquet ever – we barely missed last year’s record banquet of HK$15.1m. We are grateful for your generosity.

We raised enough for 296 Transform communities – just below our target of 325 communities. So we have 29 communities left to go.

Last night we tracked the impact of one donation given at an ICM banquet 2 years ago – and how The Gift transformed into lifechange for ultrapoor families in the Philippines. What a privilege it was to see Hope Shining Through so many lives.

Analyn, a Transform participant from Mindanao, joined us in Hong Kong. She bravely shared her story to the entire ballroom. She was so proud. Sorry to say that Analyn’s husband was not able to leave his job in time to see Analyn live. But we will show him the video of the night. However, Analyn’s Pastor Arge watched live. He was shocked (and pleased) to see his own photo in the program.

– Courageous Felix who proudly sported two casts on his legs – the evidence of restorative club-foot surgery provided by HK’s own Matilda International Hospital.

– The ICM Choir including new children who joined this year and experienced their first Hong Kong Banquet (and international travel). Yesterday one of the children had a painful tooth, and we offered to take her to the dentist. But she didn’t go – said that she was worried that the dentist would say that she couldn’t perform, and she couldn’t take that risk. How brave. But she will see the dentist today.

– Kristine Fladeboe Duininck culminated the night by moving us to give generously. She is a U.S. national champion auctioneer, and she does a few hundred auctions per year! But she says that ICM is her favorite event (don’t repeat to her other clients).

But the greatest evidence of Hope Shining Through last night were all of you – the Givers of Gifts that change people’s lives.
  • 123 people participated in the moment of giving to transform thousands of lives.
  • 16 donors gave to support surgeries for 16 children at Matilda, and their donations will also provide surgeries for another 32 patients in the Philippines, plus provide nonsurgical interventions for another 480 poor Filipinos.
  • And all 333 Panda bears sold, which means 1,000,000 meals for hungry children!
  • Almost exactly HK$2 million was raised by our silent auction that featured a plethora of Philippine artwork and trips.

We were streaming the event live last night and we had 76 viewers from around the world watching, bidding, tweeting, and emailing for more than four hours. In addition, the ICM staff from our bases in the Philippines were awed by the event and by your generosity. They cheered every single bid!

Whether you were with us last night at the Convention Centre, watching online, or with us in spirit, we thank you for your continued support of ICM.

Here’s a 30-minute video and photos from last night. We are grateful for all you are doing to help the ultrapoor in the Philippines.

And thank you for helping Hope to Shine through.

With much gratitude,

David Sutherland
Chair of the Board
International Care Ministries


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