Josefa’s Clean Start

Josefa wanted to find a job that would let her support her family. With her partner, Henry, only working part-time as a seasonal carpenter, the family of six lived on a daily income of US$1.14 for the entire family. The 43 year-old mother had always wanted to find something that could supplement her husband’s income, but no opportunity presented itself until her pastor invited her to join ICM’s Transform program.

In the livelihood portion of the Transform program, Josefa learned to make laundry soap and decided to start a small business selling soap in her local community. A few months after launching her business, Josefa is now the biggest producer of washing product in her local area, and is considering expanding her business to other parts of Palawan. She is confident that her business will grow and her family’s life will continue to improve.


With the family now living on US$9.25 a day, Josefa has been able provide her family with three daily meals, repair their home and provide her children their school uniform, shoes and school supplies.

Transform‘s lessons on water purification and healthcare tips have given Josefa new ways of eliminating possibly potent bacteria from the water consumed daily by her family.

Thanks to the Transform program, Josefa feels she has been able to reconnect with God, her partner and her children. She has also forged new relationships with her neighbors and her fellow Transform participants.

Interviewed by Clement Francony, ICM volunteer

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