Blessed by Giving

Joy is a single mother of three children. Despite a stable job as a recruiter, she was unable to to afford treatment for her thyroid problem.

Left untreated, Joy’s condition worsened. She lost her job because she was embarrassed to be seen in public. To help save money, she took her children and moved back home with her mother.  Joy hoped the local hospital would be able to assist her. Diagnosed as a non-urgent case, the hospital delayed Joy’s treatment. The family had no income and Joy was unable to properly provide for her children.

Joy Medical Feb 2016

An ICM medical officer became aware of Joy’s case. Using a donation to ICM’s Medical Mercy Fund (MMF), ICM approached a private partner at Silliman University and negotiated special rates for Joy’s treatment.

Six weeks ago, Joy had her operation. Healed, Joy is deeply grateful that she can return to properly parenting her children and is hoping to find another job. As well as paying for the operation, ICM’s Medical Mercy Fund also covered the cost of scar cream and a follow-up appointments.  Joy also received counseling and prayer for her recovery and homecoming.

Joy Medical 2 Feb 2016

ICM has 159 thyroid patients on the waiting list across 10 bases. Most of these cases could be resolved for less than HK$5,000/US$650 per patient. We are so grateful for your support.

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