Creating a Clean and Prosperous Future

Florlyn Reyes relied on her husband, a tricycle driver who earns around US$3.21 (PHP150) a day, to provide for the family.

His income was not sufficient to meet the needs of their family of five, which created tension, arguments and resentment between the couple.


When Florlyn heard about ICM’s Transform program, she was excited and eager to attend. Despite the fact that the program was a 25-minute walk away and she would have to take her one-year-old daughter with her, Florlyn was not daunted.  From the first lesson, she loved the program. Excited, Florlyn shared at home what she was learning – her husband was so interested that he occasionally began attending lessons.

Business-in-a-Box taught Florlyn how to make snacks and home products. She began to make and sell dish washing liquid and fabric conditioner, earning between US$21-32 (PHP1000-1500) a month! Her goal, which was simply to make money, expanded. Florlyn is now planning on selling her dish washing liquid to restaurants and her fabric conditioner to nearby laundromats.

As a result of Florlyn’s increased livelihood, money was no longer such a pressing issue in the home and her relationship with her husband improved. She also grew in confidence and began to make many friends, whereas previously she tended to stay alone in her home.

Since attending ICM’s Transform program, Florlyn says she has learned so much about God’s love. Through the teachings, she has also learned to put aside any resentment she has in her heart and to forgive those around her. She knows that God is always there to guide and help her.


Florlyn has now saved over US$21 (PHP1000) and will use this money for emergencies and her children’s education. She is grateful to ICM for the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur.


By Rachel Li, ICM Volunteer

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