Bank of Commerce feeds the needy

Over 60 Bank of Commerce employees donated their time November 16, 2015 at a Stop Hunger Now food packing event in Manila.

The half-day event saw the employees seal and pack 4,248 nutrient enriched rice meals to be distributed to ICM bases in Bacolod and Roxas.The food packs will be given to children recovering from illness and impoverished families enrolled in ICM programs. _MG_9477

After donning hygienic hair nets and face makes, the employees grouped into stations. Their work consisted of combining the materials together, scooping the enriched rice into bags, pushing out excess air, sealing the bags and transferring the bags to boxes.


By the end of the morning, the enthusiastic Bank of Commerce employees were thrilled to realize they had reached their goal and thousands of impoverished families would be benefiting from their work.


Watch the industrious Bank of Commerce workers here https://vimeo.com/148053146

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