Asia CEO Awards

Asia’s business executives and the Philippine business community were acknowledged at the November 11 Asia CEO Awards. Held at the Grand Ballroom at the Marriott Hotel, Manila, and presented by PLDT Alpha Enterprise, over 1,200 business leaders from the Philippines and across the region attended the event. IMG_6277

 ICM’s chairman, Dave Sutherland was nominated for the JLL Expatriate of the year. The award was open to any non-Filipino who achieved measurable success while overseeing a business enterprise within the Philippines. Michael Raeuber, group CEO of Royal Cargo, Inc was declared the overall winner.

 ICM sponsored the 2015 award for ICM CSR company of the year. The award was open to corporate and non-corporate organizations that achieved important success in providing a social commitment to the Filipino people by promoting environmental protection & awareness, livelihood programs and youth development projects which can contribute to Philippines society. PMFTC received the award.
Award categories included: JLL Expatriate Executive of the Year Award, ADP Service Excellence Company of the Year Award, SHORE Solutions Most Innovative Company of the Year Award, Capital One Young Leader of the Year Award, ADEC Innovations Green Company of the Year Award, Technology Company of the Year Award, The I-Remit Heart for OFWs Company of the Year Award, ICM CSR Company of the Year Award, Philippine Airlines Hospitality  Destination of the Year Award, TCS ASEAN Company of the Year Award.


After the ceremonies, ICM global CEO David Sutherland celebrated with members of ICM’s Manila office, Board of Advisors and ICM supporters.
From L to R: Dennis Montecillo, Peter Perfecto, Jojo Lacanilao, Angeline Fiechter, Felix Fiechter, Dave Sutherland, Aissa Montecillo, Stella Schapero, Deborah Foo, Dr Raija Amayun, Dr Milton Amayun
By Deb Foo, Donor Relations Coordinator, ICM Manila

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