Together Bringing Hope, Providing Help, Creating Change

by: Deborah Foo


The establishment of Capital One Philippines Support Services Corporation’s (COPSSC) partnership with ICM was highlighted through the launch of six Transform and two Jumpstart communities in the province of Bohol on the 6th and 7th of July 2015. The theme of the event was titled “Together bringing hope, Providing help, Creating change” which emphasized the partnership in the continued battle against poverty in the Philippines. The two-day event was highlighted by the hotel launch held at the Bellevue Hotel and Resort in Panglao Bohol with COPSSC delegates visiting their sponsored communities and interacting with local participants later that day.


The hotel launch was graced by COPSSC top officers Mr. Steve Manley, General Manager of COPSSC, Mr. Tom McCormick, Head of Operations COPSSC, Mr. Patrick Beloeil, Director Phone Channel Outboarding and Collections; Dr. Glenn Dosritos, Assistant Department head from the Office of the Governor; Hon. Leoncio Evasco, Mayor of Maribojoc, Mr. Matthew Nemenzo, Chief of staff from the Office of the Mayor of Tagbilaran City, delegates from COPSSC, representatives from the government, business, health and education sectors, LGU’s and ICM partner pastors.

During the event, speakers from the various sectors emphasized the need for partnerships between government, corporate and civil sectors in dealing with the issue of poverty. Dr Glenn Dosritos from the Office of the Deputy Governor stressed that poverty reduction schemes were part of Bohol’s main agenda and commended both COPSSC and ICM for addressing the plight of those in poverty. Sharing from a corporate perspective, COPSSC officers Mr. Steve Manley and Mr. Tom McCormick reaffirmed COPSSC’s strong engagement in giving back to the local communities as well as ICM’s role in ensuring sustainability in their programs.


The afternoons of July 6 and 7 found COPSSC delegates visiting their sponsored communities and schools. During the visit, COPSSC delegates readily engaged with local participants and interacted with them through the Transform lessons and scheduled house visits. COPSSC presented their communities with backpacks that were packed by COPSSC staff in March 2015 sponsored by the COPSSC “Investing for Good” Team with each pack containing school supplies, an umbrella and a solar light. Participants welcomed their sponsors through dance and song with some providing testimonies and expressing their gratitude for the help received. In response COPSCC delegates encouraged participants to strive hard in their lessons and apply the training they are receiving. In a speech made by Mr. Tom McCormick during his community visit, he encouraged participants to open their eyes to new possibilities and adapt lessons on self-discipline which he hopes they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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