ICM Thanks Filipino Artists


ICM celebrated the talent and generosity of our Filipino artists at the 12 December ICM Artists Thanksgiving Dinner. The intimate dinner included artists, donors and members of the ICM Manila Management team, was held in the Dasmarinas village home of hosts Felix and Angeline Fiechter.

Co-organizer Stella Schapero thanked the artists for their generous contribution to the ICM Hong Kong banquet and shared her family’s longstanding support of ICM’s Transform and Jumpstart programs, highlighting an ICM Kindergarten video produced by her son, Jacob.

Following ICM CAO Ishamel Ordonez’s operational update, long term ICM donor and volunteer Ms. Gina Aboitiz gave a heartfelt recount of the firsthand experience she has had witnessing ICM’s programs on the ground. Ms. Aboitiz praised the Transform program as a method that “empowers women” and changes whole communities for good.

Renowned artists Ramon Orlina and Juvenal Sanso both shared how extremely happy they are that their donations paved the way for the ultrapoor families to have hope and a future. All artists donated 100 per cent of the proceeds of their artwork to ICM, indicating they are proud partners in fighting poverty.


In attendance:

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