What if you couldn’t pay?

By Dr. Mindy Gill, ICM Director of Health Services

Like many young boys, Kent loves to climb.  Unfortunately, he recently fell from a tall pole and fractured his arm.  His family was unable to find the US$400 required for the stainless steel rods to fix his fracture and Kent faced a life of suffering.

What would you do if you broke your arm but couldn’t afford the US$400 to get it fixed?  In the Philippines, accidents and injuries are the most common cause of death among older children and young adults.  Unfortunately for those who survive major trauma, they are often left with major deformities and disability due to lack of funds for the required corrective surgery.

Thankfully, ICM has limited emergency funds to help in these types of situations.  ICM was able to facilitate Kent’s medical needs and he is now one his way to a full recovery and many more climbing adventures.

Over the past year, ICM has been able to provide emergency medical assistance to over 800 indigent patients like Kent.  Please join us in helping children like Kent by saving more of these lives – email us at info@caremin.com to donate now!

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