ICM Credited for Quality Kindergarten Education

Story by Minierva Lahaylahay, ICM Bohol Area Head  &  Zosima Torrejas,  ICM Bohol Education Leader  //  Written by Minori Nagatomo, ICM Director of Education

This month, 95 ICM Kindergartens began their school year – that is 5 more ICM Kindergartens than last year! We are seeing tremendous growth in this program, both in the number of students reached and in our relationship with the local government.

Last month, the Philippines Department of Education (DepEd) Bohol division honored ICM Bohol Base’s Jumpstart Education Department with a plaque of recognition for “Undying Support in the Attainment of Producing 21st Century Learners”.

A few years ago, ICM Kindergartens in Bohol were being asked to close their doors.  Since then, we’ve had many opportunities to show DepEd that ICM is providing holistic education for children, nutritious food and medical care – all which is free of charge to the poorest children in the community.  We saw a breakthrough in 2012, when we signed a Public Private Partnership with DepEd, marking a very significant change in our relationship.

Through the persistence of the Bohol team, the partnership continues to grow stronger.  Superintendent of DepEd Bohol, Mrs. Wilfreda Bongalos, encouraged our Bohol Area Head, Minierva, and Education Leader Mary Cris, to continue championing the cause of basic education for the poor through our Jumpstart Program.

This recognition marks a new level of collaboration between DepEd and ICM in Bohol and gives us even more accreditation to continue our Kindergarten Programs.

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