A Second Chance

Story & Photos by Erin Fry, ICM Communications Manager

The excitement in the air was electric as 36 ladies from Barangay Rumbang in Iloilo met together for the first time for week 1 of ICM’s Transform Program.  As the introductory session got underway, the ladies already started to bond.  Their laughter was contagious as they completed the different group activities – who knew learning could be so fun!

Most of our participants have not made it past elementary school and many have never had any formal education at all.  So to be here, to be a part of this group, is invaluable to them.  They are getting another chance -at their dreams, -as mothers, -as wives, -as entrepreneurs, -as valued members of the community.

The ladies from Barangay Rumbang, along with 224 other communities across the southern half of the Philippines will meet together once a week over the next 16 weeks – that is 8,100 individuals who will be learning life saving information from our values, health and livelihood curriculum.

Introductory Session with ICM Staff:

Introductory Session with ICM Staff
Small Group Sharing:
Community Mapping:
Selecting Livelihood Options:

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