What is the future of fun?

“What is the future of fun? On Saturday 24th November, 2012, over 800 people gathered at the third annual TEDx Hong Kong event to discuss just that; how, where and why do we have fun? How are fun, recreation and happiness developing lives, careers and communities?

The ways that humans are enjoying themselves are about as diverse as humans themselves — from climbing seven peaks in a year, to designing video games for Orangutans, from augmented reality to robotics.  But what about long lasting fulfillment? What about true joy? Where does that come from?

David Sutherland, International Care Ministries’ Board Chair, put it to the audience that the only way he has found real “Fun” is by investing his life in impacting the poorest of the poor in the Philippines through ICM. He described the two realities of the world we live in.  First are those who live “inside the gate” of the Disney-like first world — those who are able to experience the type of fun and comfort that had been spoken about all day. Then there are those who live “outside the gate” — those whose problem is not that they need the newest software update for their electronics, but that don’t have enough food to eat and they live without basic necessities.

David’s challenge to experience the joy that comes from helping others by using his “Formula for Fun”, was an inspiring call to stir up passion and to equip ourselves to make a change in the world.

This year’s TEDx Hong Kong Organizing Committee was excited to have David share this timeless, positive and impactful way to have fun and experience joy.  “I think many in attendance were exposed to the reality of the magnitude and plight of the ultrapoor for the very first time,” said Jong Lee, co-curator for TEDx Hong Kong.


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