ICM Visits Box of Hope

Story by Tess Lyons, ICM Donor Relations Manager

If you had been with the ICM HK Office on Thursday, 15 November you would have heard the following unusual comments:  “I need that soap or I will keep the washcloth.” or  “I will trade you that book for that toothbrush but not for that pencil case.”  Yes – The ICM team had gone to pack presents for Box of Hope!

Box of Hope is an annual charity project aimed at providing useful/educational gifts to underprivileged children in Hong Kong & Asia donated by Hong Kong school children and local organisations. Founded by Nicole Woolhouse and Harriet Cleverley, Box of Hope gives Hong Kong children the opportunity to experience the positive impact they can make on a child’s life as they create a simple Box of Hope containing hygenic, educational, and fun items for a boy or girl….many of whom have never received a gift! The boxes are then wrapped up and dropped off at school.

The ICM team was one of many groups of volunteers responsible for collecting, checking and packing the boxes before they were shipped off to the children in need. Standing around a large conference room table, we spent four hours trying to make a dent in the over 17,000 donated boxes. It was so amazing to see the generous donations of Hong Kong’s children all in one room! And it was amazing to think of the gorgeous little hands and smiling faces that would soon be holding the boxes.

For the past four years, children attending ICM Kindergartens have been recipients of Boxes of Hope. We are incredibly grateful for Nicole, Kim, Verity, Nicky and the other unsung “Hope heroes” who make such a difference so many children’s lives. See you again next year and we hope that you may receive as much joy as you have given.

Top Photo courtesy of Lawrence Tuck //  Bottom Photo courtesy of Peter Fry

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