Lotlot celebrates Eighteen – a Birthday to Remember!

A girl’s 18th birthday in the Philippines is a much-anticipated passage from adolescence to adulthood.  For Lotlot, this was an especially unforgettable day as she glowed in the excitement of a surprise 18th birthday party thrown by her sixteen “sisters and brothers” at ICM’s Excel House, in Bacolod.  Lotlot, who suffers from cerebral palsy, looked radiant as she was wheeled in for her grand entrance – smiling from ear to ear.

Photos courtesy of ICM Staff

The big day included speeches honoring Lotlot by the Excel House Director, Ness, ICM’s Bacolod Area Head, Pastor Dan Mijares.  There was also a special song from the ICM Children’s Choir, a traditional Filipino dance performed in her honor and lots of gifts! But the highlight of the ceremony was the blessing and gift from Lotlot’s parent figures, Johnny and Brenda Tapuz.  Johnny’s blessing, encouraging a life lived by Christian and Filipino virtues was followed by Brenda presenting Lotlot with a shawl symbolizing her transition to adulthood.

Photos courtesy of ICM Staff

Lotlot was very moved by everyone’s love and thanked everyone, with a special thank you to the Stull family who made the magical evening possible.  This vibrant, intelligent and compassionate young lady has impacted so many people with her positive disposition in life.  So needless to say, everyone who participated was thrilled to be part of this memorable celebration.

Photos courtesy of ICM Staff

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