ICM101: Programs in Action

Over 100 people from 10 different countries joined us in the Philippines for ICM101; a week long introduction course into the heart and soul of International Care Ministries.  Participants sat in on classroom lectures where ICM Chairman, David Sutherland, shared ICM’s vision and strategies for changing the face of poverty in the Philippines in the areas we serve.  Each ICM101er was trained by local ICM staff on how to teach a lesson from the Health & Livelihood Curriculum.  The following day, ICM101ers experienced a day-in-the-life of an ICM staff member, traveling into the slums and rural communities where ICM works, and actually teaching their lesson to recipients.

ICM101 gave participants a chance to see our programs in action, as they interacted with local staff and recipients in the field.  By the end of the week, the group had visited several slum communities, the ICM Children’s Shelter, several preschool graduation ceremonies, special medical cases, malnourished childrens’ outreaches and microfinance communities.  It was a week to remember.

Photos by Erin Manfredi, ICM Media Officer

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