University Students Making a Difference

Last year, a group of college students from the University of Virginia in the United States heard about the need for preschool sponsors and decided to take action.  They worked together and raised USD$5,000 to sponsor an ICM Preschool.  This donation enabled one preschool to open its doors to 25 children in a slum community in Bacolod City.  That is 25 changed lives.  And the best part is, they got to meet…

Two girls from the group, Corrie & Laura, traveled to the Philippines to visit their preschool.  They received a warm welcome and hand made thank you cards, which they brought back to the other UVA students.  Today, in Bacolod City, the 25 students from their preschool graduated!  And tomorrow, UVA is donating funds from a campus wide fundraiser to ICM.  To all the students at the University of Virginia, thank you!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/21243002 w=620w&h=420]

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