The challenges confronted by those living at the bottom of the
economic ladder are complex. Simply providing healthcare or
job training isn't enough. Life transformation requires a
multi-disciplinary approach addressing a wide range of
vulnerablilities faced by those living in ultrapoverty.

Through the experience gained over the last 22 years,
ICM has developed an effective poverty reduction model
that is transforming lives. ICM's approach addresses four
key assets essential in the climb out of poverty.

• Hope for a better future
• Essential education and training 
• An encouraging environment of support
• Resources to equip change

          TransformProgram KEY


We call this program "Transform" because that's the goal  life transformation. Transform brings together the right support, the right training and the right resources to unlock the bondages of poverty. So how does it work? The partner pastor invites thirty people, from the most vulnerable households in the community to join the weekly Values, Health and Livelihood (VHL) training courses. ICM trainers lead the VHL lessons and distributes resources. Six volunteer "counselors" from the host church also join the group to offer one-on-one support and encouragement to participants. During the week, participants encourage one another as they try out new businesses and implement new health and relationship strategies. At the end of 16 weeks, participants enjoy deeper family relationships, healthier children and greater household income.



Creating supportive environments for hope to grow

One of the greatest challenges facing those living in poverty is a lack of support, which leads to a sustained sense of hopelessness. Transform brings participants into an encouraging, optimistic community group with four layers of support:

The pastor: a known and trusted leader in the community, motivated to show love and model relational values

• The counselors: Six peers from within the community to encourage implementation of Transform strategies

ICM Staff: Peers from outside the community who bring expertise in development and support learning

Each other: Thirty new friends who all learn, try new things and succeed together



Transform creates supportive environments for hope to grow.

Among the ultrapoor, a lack of social connectedness is a key stronghold preventing progress out of poverty. Because what we do is often contingent on what others do, local social networks are extremely important, exerting influence on identity, aspirations, decision-making and behavior.

Transform forges multi-layered communitites of support for participants, thus providing opportunities for cooperative friendships to develop and hope to grow.


Transform invests in building capacity for sustainable progress out of poverty.

Those living in ultrapoverty face a complex variety of challenges that perpetuate the very poverty they live in. Impoverished families lack the skills and experience for sustainable income, are unable to treat and prevent illness, and struggle to cope with the hardships they face. Solutions to these interrelated problems must be interlinked as well.

Transform tackles shortcomings in knowledge and experience by delivering holistic skills training and low-capital resources that build capabilities in three key areas.

 2016 VHL
2016 VHL32016 VHL2

Costs per Community (Cash)     PHP 120,000  /  HK$ 20,000  /  US$ 2,500

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