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In just four months, hope shines through with substantial increases in income, sizeable reductions in serious illnesses, significant improvements in food security and numerous other positive outcomes. Surveys from three years after conclusion of Transform show that most of these improvements continue.

ICM embraces a business approach to fighting poverty, ensuring the greatest impact while at the same time keeping costs as low as possible.

ICM's cost per family member is only US$10.

Transform's Results

After our four-month Transform program, ICM's ultrapoor participants experience:

• 101% increase in household income 
• 28% decrease in those with serious illness
• 36% decrease in those going hungry at least once a week

ICM inspires hope and provides help to transform lives.

Maximizing impact

ICM is dedicated to rigorous and detailed measurement of results. Since 2009, ICM has accumulated more than 50 million pre- and post-program survey data points. This allows us to report with confidence that ICM is delivering real life-change for the ultrapoor.

Minimizing Cost

ICM's two decades of experience tell us that the key to progress out of poverty isn't about giving expensive assets to the poor. It's the people themselves who are the assets. At ICM, we invite those living in ultrapoverty to hope for a better future and we help them to realize their own potential to reach it. And fortunately, that's not expensive.

Long-Term Change

Surveys from one to three years after the conclusion of the Transform program show that most of these improvements continue. In some cases there are further dramatic improvements.


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