From its beginnings, ICM's approach to poverty reduction has been to come alongside small local Filipino churches to empower leaders and congregation members to tangibly serve the most marginalized in their communities. We feel incredibly humbled to work with these pastors who, full of compassion, make sacrifices every day to share the love of God in word and action with those they live among and serve.

ICM is committed to supporting these men and women for more effective ministry. ICM's broad Thrive network positions ICM for scalable distribution of educational content. As funding is available, ICM is able to efficiently and effectively disseminate essential training to pastors in the Thrive network, which can be immediately applied in their community-based work.

Disaster Preparedness Training 

Averaging 20 typhoons each year, the Philippines consistently ranks in the top three countries in the world for number of natural disasters. ICM trained 3,295 pastors from ICM's 80 Thrive districts as Disaster Preparedness educators. These pastors conducted 2,593 Disaster Preparedness trainings in poor communities across the Visayas and Mindanao, attended by 108,758 households. In less than six months, through the ICM Thrive network of partner pastors, 565,541 family members from ultrapoor households are now better prepared to face the next disaster.

Small Group Training

Leadership training is a commonly expressed need among ICM's partner pastors. In 2014-15, ICM partnered with Christ's Commission Fellowship (CCF) in Manila to provide small group training (a decentralized leadership model) for ICM's network pastors. Two pastors from each of ICM's 80 Thrive districts were equipped to be trainers at CCF in Manila. These 160 pastors then delivered small group training to 3,751 pastors and church leaders during the regular monthly regional Thrive meetings. So far, nearly 1,800 new small groups have been established in these churches.

Second Day Thrive

ICM plans to deepen support for our Filipino pastors by adding a second day of training to the monthly Thrive meetings. Most of ICM's partner pastors have limited formal ministry education. We have identified some of the best-in-class pastor training programs specializing in alternative education models for third world pastors. As a part of the Second Day project, we will invite a number of these nonprofits to partner with ICM to each deliver training to a portion of the pastors in ICM's network. The project will include an evaluation of impact.

Partner Pastors

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