In some communities, ICM discovers high numbers of educationally at-risk children. This is due to many reasons - public schools are too far away, families cannot afford public school fees, or there is a lack of understanding about the importance of education.

"Despite recent government efforts... national [Philippine] statistics indicate only 78 out of 100 Grade One entrants have kindergarten experience. Among the six year olds... 14.5% are not in school and 25% are still in preschool." - UNICEF 2015

ICM runs Jumpstart Kindergartens in communities of greatest need. These are usually in geographically isolated and hard-to-reach areas that lack sufficient support from the public school system. Each dual stream kindergarten, held in the host church facility, educates 30-40 of the most vulnerable children in each community. We help our young learners develop the academic skills, self-discipline and readiness they need to excel as they move up to public school first grade. Without Jumpstart, these children would struggle in public school or may not attend at all. With Jumpstart, these ultrapoor children often become the strongest students in their public school classrooms.


The Birth of Jumpstart Kindergartens