Collect and submit donations

If people had previously made pledges, you may need to collection their donations. If you had collected the amounts personally, you should look to submit them as quickly as you can after the event to conclude your hard efforts. Preferably, donations are submitted within a month after the fundraising. Donations can be submitted online or by filling the donation form which can be sent along with a cheque to an ICM office. If individuals require tax receipts, their names, donation amounts and contact information for receiving the receipts.

By doing this you can also celebrate success with your donors by sharing how much you raised towards your goal.

Be Thankful

It is always important to thank and update the people who made your fundraising event possible. Follow them up with some short stories from the impact of the fundraising or why you feel passionate to help ICM in particular. Furthermore, every donor always feels great when you thank them for their important contribution, so a short thank you note is very much appreciated. Here’s a sample thank you message:

Debrief and Reflection

Once all the excitement around your fundraising has simmered down, look back and reflect on the experience. Think about what you did well and what you could have improved on. Therefore, if you do another fundraiser in the future, the overall outcome may be even more successful. It would be great to share such information with us so others can also learn from your experience.


Contact us at ICM - [email protected] 

Again, thank you for your heart in helping the poor, advocating for the cause, the effort in fundraising!