Share it!

People want to hear what you care about. Get the word out by sharing on social media, by e-mail and phone calls. Regular posts helps the fundraiser gain momentum as well as spreads awareness. You are able to reach out to even more people than ICM can to spread the word just by reaching out to the people you know.

Post suggestions:

  • Why you care about poverty 
  • What can be done to help 
  • Stories of transformation that have happened in the past. Some of these can be found at 
  • Attention-grabbing photos and videos 
  • Countdown to event date 
  • Venue and time reminders 
  • Links to relevant articles

You can tag ICM’s social media if people want to learn more about ICM.

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Donate The Money First

Being the first to donate money can show people that you are also passionate about making an impact. Most people can match your donation and even try to outmatch it. Regardless, you will have set the pace by donating first.

Ask Around

Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends personally. These people will be honored to be included and can even help you collect donations from co-workers and other acquaintances. Don’t forget to follow-up with people.  They may be committed to donating but may forget to do so. Below is an example of a short letter addressed to a friend and asking for help.

You may want to include why you feel compelled to support this cause or about why you chose this particular fundraiser, as it is an event/interest that inspires you.


It is important to remember not to give up easily! Sometimes people respond quickly to encourage you, some people who are busy will need reminders. It is not abnormal that less than half of the people you invite to support will not respond. So plan your communication well and help people understand why their support is crucial.

Document the Experience

Make sure to take pictures and videos of the whole experience. This is important as it shows all the steps you and your associates took, the challenges you faced and the great quotes that came out of it. People watching the video can feel the passion you have and be part of the journey.


While you are planning the execution your campaign, don't forget to plan on wrapping it all up as well.

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