Thanks for your interest in volunteering for ICM. Please email us at [email protected] a little bit about yourself so we can refer the best volunteer opportunity for you. ICM's operational headquarters is located in Manila and our main development office is in Hong Kong. But wherever you live you can still volunteer for ICM.


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Volunteer CatherineHusted s

"I had never been involved in large fundraising event before I volunteered with ICM in Hong Kong to help out with the preparation work for their 2014 and 2015 Banquets. It was a steep learning curve, but I enjoyed myself so much that I am helping ICM again with their 2016 Banquet. The people I work with are so welcoming, kind, dedicated and friendly. I felt part of the team from my first day on the job. Everyone works very hard towards a common goal of making each Banquet a memorable occasion that raises much needed funds to support ICM's life-changing work with the ultrapoor in the Philippines."

- Catherine Husted 
Head of Pro Bono and Community Investment
at Allen & Overy, Hong Kong (centre in photo)


Libby Lottie VIP photo2   Libby Lottie VIP photo

"We really enjoyed our time with ICM in Dumaguete working with the health team - the health clinics gave us an insight into medicine in the developing world with limited resources. We developed an asthma education programme for ICM to educate local communities on asthma self management. We feel very privileged to have been part of ICM, it is a fantastic organisation and the work they do is invaluable. Thank you for a wonderful experience." 

- Libby Hotchkiss & Lottie Doble
Medical Students at University of Bristol, UK

Alex Kim VIP Photo   Alex Kim VIP Photo2

“My spell in Dumaguete has been nothing short of amazing, I’ve learnt many things during my stay and the experience here has been of the once-in-a lifetime variety. I can say with a hundred-percent assurance that a piece of my heart will always be with the Philippines. What ICM is doing in this country is noteworthy with such a small staff in comparison to the effect they have on their communities. The staff members here in Dumaguete are an outstanding group of people.

I spent the majority of my time with ICM visiting areas on the beach, in the mountains and doing house-to-house visits. The lessons they are teaching make a noticeable difference in these people lives and it’s amazing seeing some of these lessons being put to practice as you visit them again; lessons such as container farming, making their own detergent powder and fabric softener, tippy taps, to a name a few."

- Alex Kim
lives in Singapore and studies in the US