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Hong Kong’s Bankers and Lawyers Fight Poverty by sitting “On Detention” to raise HK$500,000 as Education Fund for Thousands of Filipino Children!

Bankers and lawyers from Hong Kong’s top law firms raised funds to send over 1000 at-risk Filipino children to school,
at International Care Ministries 4th Bankers and Lawyers on Detention event.

Monday, 26 May 2014 - 70 top law and finance professionals huddled around their team’s tables, trying to beat the clock while frantically completing a Tagalog wordsearch. This is International Care Ministries’ (ICM) Bankers and Lawyers On Detention event; a fun quiz night to raise funds for some of the Philippines most vulnerable children to go to school.

For one hour, the teams competed in the history, maths, Filipino, geography, media studies, music and art rounds in a bid to stay out of detention! Held at the American Club in Central, with great prizes and speeches, a raffle, and Nury Vittachi as the excellent quizmaster, the exciting evening kickstarted the fundraising to sponsor kids to go to school.

“I love this event, because it’s a quiz which is not about being smarter
than the next guy. 
It’s about community and
friendship and it’s always a huge laugh!”

- Nury Vittachi -
Hong Kong columnist and author

Each team set themselves a fundraising goal, and was committed to not just “sitting on detention” to raise awareness, but also to raising funds to send up to 75 children to school.

Representatives from Allen and Overy, Alibaba, Barclays, Citibank, CLSA, Deloitte, Estée Lauder, Freshfields, HSBC, KMPG, Linklaters, Macquarie, Mizuho, Morgan Stanley and SAIL Funds made the evening a huge success, and had until 15th June to reach their fundraising targets.

 “ICM brought us together to be able to put a significant number of impoverished children into school;
as ever, their passion for the subject was hugely inspiring and their close relationship
with all of the institutions who attended the evening united us in the knowledge that
our participation was going a long way to better the life of a number of children.”

- Thomas Brown -
Partner, Allen and Overy Hong Kong

International Care Ministries has been working with the poorest of the poor since 1992, bringing help, hope and change to the ultrapoor who live on less than HK$3.60 per day. Through educational programs for both children and parents, ICM’s impact is growing every year. Thousands of children have graduated from Jumpstart Kindergartens, and go on to receive scholarships to keep them in school.

It costs just HK$400 to send one child to school in the Philippines through ICM’s scholarship program, but one small investment goes a long way to changing a child’s future.

“We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon.
Children in Hong Kong grow up with wide horizons.
But in the Philippines, often an impoverished child’s horizon doesn’t reach much further
than the front door. Tonight we have the chance to broaden horizons
for hundreds of Filipino children.”

- Charles Caldwell -
Director Human Resources, English Schools Foundation, ICM Board Member



 Photo credits to Michal Joachimowski



Top fundraising corporations:

1. Morgan Stanley   HK$131,038
2. Allen and Overy  HK$60,000
3. Linklaters   HK$57,300
4. Alibaba   HK$54,000


Four easy steps to help at-risk children go to school:


2. Input an amount (HK$2000 will sponsor 5 kids, HK$4000 will sponsor 10 kids)

3. Choose the way to give: online, or by cheque, or by bank transfer, or by cash.

4. Mail us the cheque/ Ask us to pick up the cheque or cash / Email us the bank transfer reference detail... then DONE!

Any questions, you are welcome to email [email protected] or contact Cherry +852 2548 9099 . 



Q. Are tax receipts given?

Yes! ICM will issue Hong Kong tax receipts for all donations above HK$100. If anyone needs both Hong Kong and US tax receipt, they can give by check through "Friends of Hong Kong Charities Inc. (FOHKC) and there are instructions on the giving website.



The following corporations for matching funds, supporting their employees with donations or mobilizing their expployees to participate in this event.

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The following sponsor for donating prize to congratulate participant.




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