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Taking a page from the Academy awards, we honored the best of the best during the Tenth Banquet--and set a new record for donations in the process. Our tenth banquet raised almost exactly HK$11.5 million, a sizable increase in the HK$11.2 million that we raised last year. An extraordinary result given the huge protests next door.

The Academy Awards are all about recognition and competition, as we divided up our guests into three teams - Red, Black and White.  The White Team barely edged out the Black Team, to pull of a victorious win, becoming the team who raised the most money in the room that night.

With viewers all over the world tuning in to our live stream, this was truly a global event. And our ICM staff in the Philippines were thrilled by what they witnessed.

And to top it off, our last award of the night recognized ICM Participant, Rheza Guzi, as the 500,000th beneficiary of our Transform program. Rheza was a very worthy awardee - she is 20 years old and already has three children. She says that her life has changed after learning from the ICM program. Last night she experienced life that had been unimaginable to her. She said that when she got on stage and saw 1,000 eyes on her that all her fears disappeared - everyone looked so friendly.  Very soon, ICM will be throwing a wedding party for her, as we will be paying for the marriage that she has wanted for so many years.
With the support we received, we will be able to reach another 500,000 people in half the amount of time it took us to reach the first half a million. Many more people will be helped out of poverty by your dedication and support. We our humbled and grateful that so many people cared so much about fighting poverty to come fill the banquet hall.
Whether you were in the hall, watching online, or with us in spirit, we thank you for your continued support of ICM. We are grateful for all you are doing to help the ultrapoor in the Philippines.



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